Managed Support

Gangatika Technologies is a full- service security company. We professionally install, service, and maintain everything we install, and with no use of subcontractors. Our thousands of guests fete that we're passionate about furnishing the greatest quality systems and unprecedented support. As specialists in videotape surveillance systems and technology, our clients calculate on our SMART security camera systems to cover their investments.

We've dedicated our precious times to keep you safe. Whenever it's accessible for you, one of our company possessors will come to your business and devote the time necessary to assess your requirements and estimate your property. From there, he'll give you professional recommendations and develop a plan to target your specific security requirements.

Mechanical Support

We'll insure the safe and effective operation of the automated storehouse and reclamation systems and support the several warehouse task needed for the day- to- day operations. Included is the set- up, understanding of the functionality and conservation of the material handling system. As well as the collaboration in maintaining other installation means and structural requirements

Electrical Support

We are a largely professional team who exceed in the design, installation, maintenance of electrical workshop in warehouses and apartments.Offering the greatest quality for all electrical installations, maintenance support and contract packages our dedicated team work lifelessly to maintain our exceptional norms. The electrical system within a storehouse is designed to handle a large multifariousness of power demands. These include artificial lighting systems, operating ministry, internet networks, security systems, and indeed electrically- charged vehicles and outfit.

Network Support

In a supply chain, a distribution network is a connected group of warehouse installations and transportation systems that accepts supplies of goods and also deliver them to clients. It's an intermediate point to get products from the manufacturer to the end client, either directly or through a retail network.

dotnet development

.NET is an ecosystem and framework designed by Microsoft and used extensively for easy desktop and web application development. We make use of all the implementations of the .NET platform (NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin, and UWP). to deliver a fully inventive and responsive web portal and applications.

java development

Trusted by millions of developers, JAVA is highly efficient for scalable and agile websites and applications. Master Infotech uses and fully integrates with the ever-evolving technologies of JAVA to bring about adaptive and upscale JAVA development solutions.