Personal Annoucement Systems

A warehouse intercom system, also called a wireless PA system for warehouses, is generally used for trying to get the attention of storehouse workers to give them all a communication or to have one of them call back.

To keep from having to run cables each over the storehouse where they can get damaged by all the movement going on, we recommend installing wireless public address( PA) speakers to broadcast a communication to all staff, and also if an individual staff member is demanded, they can walk to wireless intercoms or callboxes spread throughout the storehouse to return the call. Alternately, they can use a handheld radio to respond.

The office will use a desktop base station wireless intercom to transmit and admit calls. It has multiple channels so you can leave it set to Channel 1, which will be the channel used to broadcast dispatches to the wireless Dad units spread throughout the storehouse. To meet the specific conditions of our guests, we offer a large range of Public advertisement System. We keep the colorful demands and conditions of the guests in our mind while developing and offering the product range to them.