Electrical trunkey project

Gankatika’s trunkey project solutions takes the solicitude and hassle out of large- scale electrical systems. By working with a single point of contact from inception through commissioning, you gain a safer, more dependable and cost-effective electrical trunkey design.

By contemporizing your electrical structure, Gangatika Technologies helps improve the overall operation of your electrical distribution system or utility grid, as well as extend the useful life of all equipments. Our well experienced team utilizes advanced styles that not only help minimize impact on operations, but also lessen the demands placed on staff and budgets.

We take over systems in the field of electrical power distribution & control on engineering, design, force, installation, testing & commissioning base;e.g. Substations( Inner/ Outdoor) Distribution- Main & Sub Main. Electrification- External & Internal.

Some of the few setups of Trunkey systems include Engineering systems, large construction systems i.e Construction of airfields, Anchorages, towers, Islands, In IT( turn- key perpetration of information systems), and more.

A trunkey design is a delivery system in which a single entity — a contractor — works with a design proprietor under a single contract to complete all stages of a design from detail engineering through construction.