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As India is densely populated so consumption of power increasing day to day so we should have to green energy as solar power.

Solar Power Plants use photovoltaic (PV) technology to convert solar energy into solar electricity from sunlight.

We provide EPC Turnkey Solutions for Industrial & Residential Projects by providing PV Solar modules, Solar Inverters & Batteries, Mounting Structures, ACDB's and DCDB's , IP connecting wires and connectors & complete installation services.

Service Includes:

1-Grid Tie power plants
2-Grid off power plants
3-Hybrid power plants

Benefits of solar Power Plants:

1-Solar power plants augment the power supply of the location.
2-They reduce the electricity consumption and the ensuing expenses on Electricity/DG.
3-They create shading on roof and lower AC operation costs on top floor.
4-They provide backup power in case of power outage.
5-They do not require additional investment in evacuation system.

Just Create Your Own Electricity!!!!